Though you can still use several strategies, you can log into the casino platform and start playing immediately. Another advantage of this game is its speed. In this matter, it has a lot in common with crash games and Aviator. The game round lasts less than a minute, making Lucky Jet extremely dynamic and engaging. Also, this game supports a wide range of bets, so it attracts high rollers and those who prefer casual gaming.

Where can I play Lucky Jet?

Since the Lucky Jet 1win is experiencing growing popularity, you can find it (or its variations) almost on any online gambling site. Though, 1win offers the most balanced gameplay, with fair betting and open betting system, trusted payment gateways, and 24/7 game support.

Lucky Jet 1win Interface

Lucky Jet interface

Lucky Jet interface

The game’s design is fairly minimalistic and easy to understand. Even if you are not an experienced player, you can get used to it within a few minutes. When you log into your 1win account and proceed to the page with the game, you see a game field that occupies less than half of the screen. 

On the upper left side of the game field are a game logo and a special button that allows you to switch to the full-screen mode. Here, you can also find a long list of players in-game at the moment. You can read their nicknames and the bet amount they place while playing 1win Lucky Jet. 

In the upper part of the game field, there are also the following buttons:

  • All;
  • My;
  • Top.

You can use them to work with bet options and separate your bets from all others.

There is always a “How to play” button. If you activate it, you can see a popped-up window with a show description of the main game rules and handy screenshots. Next to this button, there are “Settings” and “Chat” buttons. A “Wallet” icon also allows you to replenish your balance quickly.The central part of the game field is occupied by the main character (Lucky Joe with the backpack), where you can see 1win Lucky Jet signals. It appeared at the beginning of the round and fly away at the end. After that, you can see the coefficient. Below, there are the main control buttons.

How to Play 1win Lucky Jet

To get started, you should log into your account on the 1win platform and proceed to the section with the game. 

Since this game is very dynamic, you do not need to wait for a long time till you can join the next round. Check out the main steps you should take in the list below.

  1. Find the betting box in the lower part of the game field and specify the amount you would like to place. Here, you can also use handy “Plus” and “Minus” controls or choose premade options: +50, +100, +200; +500. Since there are two betting boxes, you can specify two different bets simultaneously. It significantly increases your chances of winning.
  2. Click on the “Bet” button and wait until the coefficient grows. As a rule, the average 1win Lucky Jet round does not take longer than a few seconds.
  3. After the round is finished, you can click on the “Withdrawal” button. Remember that your winnings are formed based on the initial bet amount plus the cashout multiplier.

If you do not place a bet before the Lucky Joe flies away, you lose the bet. 

The gameplay is pretty easy, but you can simplify it even more. To do it, the system offers the following options:

  1. You can activate the “Auto bet” option (though you should still press the “Withdrawal” button).
  2. You can activate the “Auto bet” and “Auto Withdrawal” options. In this case, your bet coefficient will be increased with every other round.

How to Deposit at Lucky Jet Casino?

To start playing 1win Lucky Jet, you should replenish your balance. To do it, you should take the following steps.


Go to the official 1win site and log into the relevant private profile.


Now, find and click the “Deposit” button in the site’s header.


In the appeared window, you can see available payment gateways. Depending on the currency type, there are two categories: “Banks” and “Electronic money”.


Now, you should select the payment gateway that matches your needs and specify the amount of fund you would like to place.


Click to submit the action.

Check out the available payment methods you can use to play 1win Lucky Jet.

Deposit methodsUpper limitLower limit
UPI300 rupees10,000 rupees
NBI300 rupees100,000 rupees
BankTransfer1б000 rupees100,000 rupees
PayTM300 rupees70,000 rupees
Visa750 rupees73,850 rupees
MasterCard750 rupees73,850 rupees
MoneyGo150 rupees745,300 rupees
BHIM300 rupees100,000 rupees
Airtm250 rupees75,000 rupees
MoneyGo voucher300 rupees744,300 rupees
Bitcoin400 rupees100,000,000 rupees
Ethereum 500 rupees260,804,765 rupees
Thron300 rupees70,000,000 rupees
Litecoin400 rupees13,000,000 rupees
Ripple300 rupees75,000 rupees
Tether ERC202,668,72 rupees73,000,000 rupees
Tether TRC202,668,72 rupees73,000,000 rupees
Tether BEP202,668,72 rupees73,000,000 rupees
Doge300 rupees75,000,000 rupees
Monero300 rupees18,000,000 rupees
Stellar300 rupees24,210 rupees
USDC BEP201,346,98 rupees32,754,740 rupees
USDC TRC201,346,98 rupees32,754,740 rupees
USDC ERC201,346,98 rupees32,754,740 rupees
Bitcoin Cash300 rupees40,000,000 rupees
Dash400 rupees15,000,000 rupees
BNB BEP20780 rupees32,754,740 rupees
BUSD BEP20 780 rupees32,754,740 rupees
BUSD ERC20780 rupees32,754,740 rupees

As a rule, the system credits funds within a couple of minutes or even faster. As a result, you can see your funds in the “Balance” box. 

You can go to the Lucky Jet 1win page and start playing.

Also, you may deposit funds directly from the game field. To do it, you should click on the “Wallet”. After that, you see the list of available payment methods and can place a deposit like it was mentioned above.

How to Withdraw Money in the Game 1win Lucky Jet?

You can activate withdrawals directly from the game field by clicking on the same-named button after every other game round. Also, you can do it if you visit your game profile and click on the “Withdrawal” button. You can find it in the site’s header (in “Profile” settings). Keep in mind that to be able to withdraw funds, you should verify your account. Currently, the payment gateways you can use to withdraw winnings from Lucky Jet 1win are not as wide as those you can try to deposit money. Check them in the table below.

Withdrawal methodsUpper limitLower limit
IMPS2,000 rupees90,000 rupees
PerfectMoney400 rupees738,500 rupees
BankTransfer300 rupees200,000 rupees
PayTM300 rupees100,000 rupees
PhonePe2,000 rupees90,000 rupees
Bitcoin1,500 rupees900,000 rupees
Ethereum 1,500 rupees911,371,9 rupees
Thron1,200 rupees911,371,9 rupees
Litecoin1,500 rupees911,371,9 rupees
Ripple1,100 rupees911,371,9 rupees
Tether ERC201,200 rupees911,371,9 rupees
Tether TRC201,200 rupees911,371,9 rupees
Tether BEP201,200 rupees911,371,9 rupees
Doge1,500 rupees911,371,9 rupees
Monero2,500 rupees911,371,9 rupees
Stellar1,500 rupees911,371,9 rupees
USDC BEP202,278,43 rupees911,371,9 rupees
USDC TRC202,278,43 rupees911,371,9 rupees
USDC ERC202,278,43 rupees911,371,9 rupees
Bitcoin Cash1,500 rupees911,371,9 rupees
Dash1,500 rupees911,371,9 rupees
BNB BEP202,278,43 rupees911,371,9 rupees
BUSD BEP20 2,278,43 rupees911,371,9 rupees
BUSD ERC202,278,43 rupees911,371,9 rupees

Lucky Jet 1win Game Statistics

Game Statistics

During the whole gameplay, you can check various parameters of the current and previous games. For example, you can check the top 1win Lucky Jet bet wins and coefficients by clicking the appropriate buttons in the upper part of the playing field. In the appeared list, you can see players’ nicknames and brief info about their results: the amount of winnings, the size of the coefficient, etc. Here, you can also check the integrity of data. You should click on the same name button to do it and check two types of seeds: from the casino and the player’s side. Then you can cope and verify them.

Lucky Jet Game: Strategy How to Play and If You Can Win

Though this game is very fast and dynamic, there are still two types of strategy that can help you to increase your chances of winning. 

  1. Risky. This strategy is a favorite pick on high rollers and those with experience playing this game. The fact is approximately every 1- 1.5 hours, you can experience high odds, which may rise x100 or even more. If you choose this strategy, you should check the game history and calculate the next high odd occurrence time.
  2. Cautious. This is the most popular strategy among 1win Lucky Jet gamers. All you need to do is set the coefficient to 1.1. In rare cases, Lucky Jow flies away before the coefficient reaches this level. As a result, you get small but almost guaranteed income in your wallet. One of the drawbacks of this tactic is that the game becomes a bit boring. So, if you decide to pick this method, it’s better to activate the auto bet and auto-withdrawal options.

1win Lucky Jet Game Chat

The system offers a handy option that you can use to communicate with other gamers, share your experience, etc. To activate it, you need to find a little “Message” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, just click on it and enjoy communication.

Lucky Jet 1win FAQ

  • How much can you win in Lucky Jet?

    It all depends on the type of 1win Lucky Jet strategy you pick. If you are a newbie and select the cautious games, you can get small but stable winnings. In the case of risky games, you have a chance to win x100 of your initial bet.

  • Is Lucky Jet a fair game?

    Yes, this entertainments and all other games on 1win are fair. A licensed game provider powers the game and is regularly checked by independent testers. More information you can get in the “Terms of Use” section of the official 1win website.

  • What currency can gamblers use to play Lucky Jet?

    The 1win platform allows you to use fiat money as well as crypto to place deposits and withdraw winnings. You must proceed to the appropriate section from your profile settings, choose a payment gateway, and specify the amount you would like to place.

  • Is it possible to change bet and withdrawal settings?

    Yes, the Lucky Jet 1win offers you to activate auto bet and auto-withdrawal modes. Remember that the second option automatically increases your bet with every other round.

  • What is the integrity check?

    Since the current platform is fair, it allows you to check information about each winning on this game. The system provides you with the seed created on the casino and players’ sides, so you can copy and check it.